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The Desh Press is one of the most popular Bangla news portals in Bangladesh.

The Desh press started their journey in January 2020. since then we are trying to reach people's minds through our news. we are delivered original and unique content. we have many promising readers. since the starting we are we try to reach every nook of Bangladesh and collect news. we are one of a Bangla newspaper. we delivered all types of news around the world.

We are lightening up Bangladesh and 200 more countries around the world. We have strong principles and values. We have the courage and we bring transparent news. We talk for the people and by the people. Our newspaper is innovative and unique. We follow the democracy of our country. We believe in social rights. We equally treated men, women, child and all types of people around us. We valued everyone's thoughts.

The Desh Press have strictly follows rules and policy. We always maintain that at any cost. we carried long term responsibility through our newspaper. we always maintain our moto. our social responsibility is to provide actual news to our visitors. we do not influence by any political parties. We have committed to serving the people. our newspaper plays an important role to solve people's sufferings.

There are several sections in this Newspaper national news, International news, Economical News, Sports News, Job news, business news, Education, Political news, Law and Rights, Lifestyle and Culture, etc. There are no specific hours for reporters, we always available to serve news. We have a healthy working environment with friendly staff. There is no gender discrimination here. We provide essential news, information, analysis, and comment. we have free access to 24/7 news source.

We are the fastest going internet portal, we have an innovation and extraordinary ambitions. we have a complete news portal in Bangladesh. We have many contributors to our organization over the year and we are always looking for more. We build a bridge with Bengali language people around the world and want to create a new revolution of the online newspapers.

Please come and visit us.

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